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did you know cellphone radiation can be harmful?

Long term RF exposure has been linked to:

  • Increase in enzyme function
  • Increase in body temperature
  • Sleep disturbances (Insomnia)
  • Muscle spasms
  • Headaches
  • Memory loss and dizziness
  • Nerve disorders
  • Brain damage

May 31, 2011 -- The World Health Organization classifies radio-frequency electromagnetic fields as POSSIBLY CARCINOGENIC to humans

Protect your Family with the World’s Only Scientifically-Proven solution for Cellphone Radiation

The Bodywell chip has been tested to reduce SAR values up to 80% in an FCC-certified lab.

  • Tested & Proven: Thanks to its trade-secret MobileTek™ technology, the Bodywell chip is the only product in the world that dramatically reduces radiation absorption by humans, as seen in the SAR test results - done by an FCC-Certified lab.
  • Naturally Made: The breakthrough homogenous combination of natural metals and minerals actually absorb the radio waves emitted from the device instead of blocking them, making the device maintain superb cellular connection all while protecting the user.
  • Backed by Scientists: Scientists and professionals around the world have tested and are shocked by the revolutionary technology, like in Dr. Naachat Mazeh’s State of the Art paper. 

Dr. Nancy Mueller

Institute of Neurological Care

FCC regulations are outdated! Congress hasn't overhauled telecommunications law since 1996!

These every day scenarious significantly increase radiation but are not accounted for!


Carrying your phone with less than a 5mm seperation from the body.


Talking on the phone as most people do, without seperation between ear and the device.


Wearing any sort of metal objects on the head. (Metal glasses, earings, braces, etc.)


Speaking on the phone during car ride when the phone is rapidly switching between communication towers.


Speaking on the phone in weak reception areas like an elevator or airplane.

See how it works

A super simple solution to enjoy your device: With
Peace of Mind

Let you kids enjoy technology - safely

Who’s toddler doesn’t use their parent’s phone nowadays? It’s like the new version of a pacifier... but way better...
Kids love phones for watching videos and playing games... but new research show they also absorb 10x more radiation than adults. Let them play safely with the Bodywell chip attached to their devices.

Improve your quality of life

Enjoy using your devices and dramatically reduce chronic headaches, fatigue, lethargy and improve your quality of sleep.

A natural and effective solution

The Bodywell chip is made from a homogenous combination of natural metals and minerals without any electronic circuitry. It's 100% safe to use and does not negatively affect cellular connection.

How To Use

Every time you use a cellphone, your brain absorbs radiation. The Bodywell chip reduces the absorption by up to a staggering 80%!

Step 1:

Remove the backing from the chip.

Step 2:

If your device has a matte finish, use one of the adhesives to apply the chip

Step 3:

Apply the chip to the right of your camera on the back of your phone

Step 4:

Use your device like normal and enjoy protection from the harmful effects of RF exposure.

Bodywell Chip Before & After Results

Taken after a 45 minute call with an unprotected smartphone.

Taken after a 45 minute call with the same smartphone with a Bodywell chip.

The Bodywell chip has been tested to reduce SAR values up to 80% in an FCC-certified lab.

The Bodywell chip is proven to reduce radiation absorption by the user but also dramatically reduces heat transfered to the body from the device.

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