New Research Reveals The Dirty Secret Tech Companies Don’t Want You To Know 

Haim Einhorn

CEO EZ Technologies - Switzerland 

Mobile Safety Pioneer & Tech Wellness Advocate

Dedicated to pursuing holistic wellness in a connected world, Haim Einhorn, CEO of EZ-Technologies in Switzerland, has embarked on a decade-long journey, investing millions to combat the potential risks of EMF absorption. Stemming from personal concerns as a father and grandfather, his passion led him to acquire an innovative technology years ago. This unique solution doesn't compromise device reception by reducing radiation but focuses on minimizing the body's wave absorption—providing peace of mind without compromising connectivity.

In This Presentation, You’ll Learn...

The Silent Enemy: Electric Smog. Unmask the invisible threat lurking around your loved ones every single day.

"Radiation Bypass" Technology. It is a breakthrough solution that allows kids and adults to enjoy their tech devices safely without looming threats.

The Peace Of Mind Your Looking For. What you’ll need to be ehead of the game during the tech revolution.

Introducing The BodyWell Chip. Dive into the magic behind this MobileTek breakthrough and the secret materials working to defend you and your loved ones.

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