Advanced EMF Defense for Apple Watches 

BioBand Dimensions (inner): 21mm x 3mm

Meet the BioBand - a compact yet powerful EMF protection device designed to integrate seamlessly onto the band of any wireless wrist gadget. This is compatible with the Apple Watch.

You should equip yourself with robust protection when considering how often your smartwatch or fitness tracker emits EMFs and how it's always near your body. The BioBand empowers you to enjoy the modern comforts of your wireless wrist accessories, free from concerns about the damaging implications of prolonged EMF radiation exposure.

Employing our pioneering MobileTek technology, the BioBand effectively diminishes SAR by a staggering 80%, significantly reducing health-related concerns. This is the same dependable layer of protection found across our Bodywell product range, now tailored for wrist gadgets.

The BioBand, a subtle metallic fixture, is engineered to secure solidly onto any silicone, fabric, ceramic, carbon fiber, or leather wristband for Apple Watches (not designed for metal bands). 

It can be effortlessly slid onto the watch strap, making installation a breeze. 

With a robust and waterproof build, the BioBand is designed for longevity. 

Its compact and discreet design means it's practically unnoticeable while silently providing continuous protection from EMF radiation.


  • Metallic finish gives a cool, sleek look to your wristband.
  • Fits well with any cloth, rubber, or leather wristband.
  • Strong and long-lasting, no need for replacement or charging.
  • Easy to clean because it's waterproof.
  • Independently tested by FCC labs to make sure it works.
  • Fits with all current models of Apple watches.

Swiss-Engineered and U.S. Tested Quality

Designed with precision and meticulous care in our Swiss facilities, nestled within the serene backdrop of the Alpine landscape, not in a faceless mass-production factory. Our products carry impeccable Swiss engineering and the assurance of rigorous testing performed in the U.S., ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and effectiveness.


Bodywell products integrate our ground-breaking MobileTek technology, meticulously engineered to curtail EMF radiation's Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) by a substantial 80%. This acts to minimize its possible detrimental effects on your health significantly.

MobileTek operates on a critical principle: mitigating the harmful frequencies emitted by EMF radiation without hindering the performance of your devices. In an era dominated by wireless connectivity, our technology ensures that your mobile devices continue to provide the convenience and sound quality you love but with significantly reduced EMF exposure.

The looming presence of 5G, WiFi, and Bluetooth technologies in our everyday gadgets like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones has been a driving force behind the evolution of our innovative MobileTek technology. 

Our solution counters the cumulative impact of these technologies on your body's cells, which can disrupt your SAR levels and throw your peak mental, physical, and emotional functioning off balance.

MobileTek works at the sub-atomic level. This means it does not block or alter the EMFs but instead harmonizes their energetic frequencies.

This approach ensures your electronic devices continue functioning as they should while bestowing you the gift of superior protection against the invisible hazards of EMF radiation.


The efficacy of Bodywell's MobileTek technology has been corroborated in a series of extensive studies and testing conducted by none other than RF Exposure Labs, LLC - a pioneer in the industry based in California, USA, with over 25 years of rich experience. Their research and analysis focused on test subjects' critical health parameters before and after exposure to EMF radiation, with and without the Bodywell Chip.

The tests included an evaluation of Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS), which resulted in little to no impact on these crucial wireless communication parameters, thus assuring the seamless performance of your devices.

Equally significant was the Thermal Study Report, which demonstrated a noteworthy reduction in temperature from the baseline when using a phone equipped with the Bodywell Chip. This test directly addressed the thermal effects caused by cell phone usage, thereby underscoring the efficacy of our technology in mitigating these effects.

Furthermore, our technology exhibited its power in a pH level analysis. Despite the influence of an iPhone equipped with a standard SIM card, MobileTek protected the water from turning acidic, maintaining its pH level.

In essence, the MobileTek technology embedded in Bodywell products delivers on its promise, providing you with a robust protection against the unseen hazards of EMF radiation, as certified by experts in the field.

 *** Does not include Apple Watch